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KOPIAH (Songkok)

Kopiah is one of the traditional hat for the Malays. In Indonesia, the cap is also known as songkok has become part of the Indonesian national dress, and used not only by Muslims.

Kopiah is a part of popular fashion for the Malays in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and southern Thailand. This hat fez said to derive from that used in Ottoman Turkey. In piece of literature Malays, songkok (kopiah) in the poem has been called Siti Zubaidah (1840) "... in white clad use red songkok....".

Most Muslims in Indonesia considered that the cap be part of formal dress when attending official ceremonies such as marriage ceremonies, prayers, religious ceremonies and as for Eid ul-Fitri and Eid ul-Adha. Furthermore skullcap is also used to complement the clothes used to attend certain meetings.

One center cap craftsmen in this country is Gresik. However, as the times, home handicraft industry began to waver cap. One possible cause is lifestyle changes.
In the district of Gresik, which is also known as the city of muslim student (santri) all the district have of an industrial area kopiah. Began Kauman, Bedilan, Karangpoh, Trate, Kroman, Kemuteran, all have a kopiah industries which then widened to Bungah area.

Unfortunately these days centers kopiah industry can not survive. One by one the industry a kopiah in Gresik out of business due to the changing times. The percentage indicates the remaining kopiah indstry only 10 percent.

Another factor that causes go broke kopiah industry is shifting public tastes of a black skull cap skull cap type (normal cap industrial production in Gresik) to a white skullcap pilgrimage.

In terms of markets, market cap is only limited types of skull cap in the country, and even then only on the island of Java. whereas white skullcap current can penetrate foreign markets.

In terms of price, a black skull cap skullcap species produced in hargaa Bungah have on average more expensive around 25 thousand rupiah while the hajj cap various motifs and colors can be obtained only with 6000 rupiah.

For that, I'm the son of Gresik area, wanted to popularize the cap back once the mainstay of Gresik regency.


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